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December 18th, 2007

Late last week, Thursday 13th December, the Australian Domain Administration (auDA) board approved the recommendations from the 2007 Names Policy Panel.

Overall there was not much of a change, the Panel agreed that the current rules for .au domain registration, renewal, licensing etc are all quite appropriate.

The Panel did recommend some changes to the transfer policy (change of registrant / owner) to allow “transfer of a domain name licence for any reason”.

In the new year, auDA will work on implementing the new policy, which will mean owners of domain names will be able to sell their domains for the very first time.

Previously, selling a name (transferring registrant) was a complicated process and according to the auDA publication, only those “in the know” were taking advantage of a supposed loop-hole in the policy.

Overall, I believe this will be a good change for the Australian domain name industry. For once we will be able to trade names like all other TLDs (Top Level Domains) .com,, etc. Well, kind of. The new .au registrant still has to be eligible for the domain name and comply with the regular auDA policy, such as having an ABN.

It will be very interesting once this policy is active to see how people decide to sell, trade and ultimately transfer their Australian domain names.

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  • Cameron Smith Says:

    Has this came into place yet?

    I’m setting up a new shop and am looking for a generic word domain.

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