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April 16th, 2008

Everything sold in a retail environment includes a “mark up”, the term is used to describe the difference between the cost of producing the product and the “juice” the retailer charges for the product.

Mark up often varies from store to store, but why? One assumes it is simply because businesses want to make more money. However, price variation occurs due to other factors such as distance, local area marketing, supply and demand etc.

Purchasing a computer in regional parts of Australia is likely to cost you more than in the city. However, purchasing fresh fruit is most likely priced the opposite. These price fluctuations are due to variables such as adding the cost of distribution and general supply and demand.

When it comes to purchasing “electrons” or something in the digital world, you might ask; “Why do prices at one domain name registrar have mark up more than 20 times that of another?”.

Well, in the digital world it comes down to things like marketing spend (recovering the cost to acquire you as a customer), customer service (helping you costs money, they want that money back), technology (some registrars software is substantially better than others, it probably cost them more to produce). Even with all that considered, you will quickly realise that the highest priced registrars probably just want the PROFIT.

The Australian domain name registrars mark up the price of domain names anywhere from $5.40 to an amazing $117.45!

According to AusRegistry, Australia’s official wholesale domain name provider, there are currently 25 .auDA accredited registrars.

The Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA) charges a fee of $4.95 with every registration. The wholesaler, AusRegistry charges $17.60 per domain, making the wholesale rate of a domain name $22.55.

These prices vary for the different .au products, as per below:

auDA Domain Fee $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95 $4.95
AusRegistry Charge $17.60 $17.60 $11.00 $5.50 $5.50
Wholesale Price $22.55 $22.55 $15.95 $10.45 $10.45

Below is a table of the auDA accredited registrars and the current retail prices. As you can see, is currently the cheapest registrar in Australia. This list is produced in alphabetical order, is representative of the minimum 2 year registration term and includes GST. NameScout Corporation is incorporated in Barbados and does not charge GST.

auDA Accredited Registrar Price Mark up
Anchor Systems Pty Ltd $69.00 $46.45
AussieHQ Pty Ltd $99.00 $76.45
Aust Domains International Pty Ltd $69.00 $46.45
Australian Style Pty Ltd
trading as Bottle Domains
$99.00 $76.45
Connect West Pty Ltd n/a n/a
Domain Name Services
$65.00 $42.45
Distribute IT
trading as Click ‘n Go
$79.00 $56.45
Domain Candy Pty Ltd $99.00 $76.45
Domain Central Pty Ltd $38.00 $15.45
Domain Directors Pty Ltd $118.00 $95.45
Domain Name Registrar (Australia) Pty Ltd
trading as Domain Registration Services
$139.70 $117.15
Enetica Pty Ltd $88.00 $65.45
Explorer Domains Pty Ltd $99.95 $77.40
IntaServe Pty Ltd $27.95 $5.40
MD Web Hosting Pty Ltd n/a n/a
Melbourne IT Ltd $140.00 $117.45
Namescout Corporation $45.95 $23.40
NetRegistry Pty Ltd $44.95 $22.40
Primus Telecommunications Pty Ltd
trading as PlanetDomain
$66.00 $43.45
SmartyHost Pty Ltd $39.95 $17.40
Sublime IP Pty Ltd
trading as GoDomains
n/a n/a
TPP Domains Pty Ltd
trading as TPP Internet
$99.00 $76.45
Web@ccess Pty Ltd n/a n/a
WestNet Pty Ltd $88.00 $65.45
Wobygong Pty Ltd $60.00 $37.45

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  • John Dawson Says: is actually cheapest. $20 includes GST + email + free website. Nothing comes close to this price in Australia. ( name is owned by bottle etc

  • Evan Says:

    You missed out on Digital Pacific PTY LTD
    They have domain names for sale for $34.90 for two years.

  • Lucas - GOOD2GO Says:

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    *cheap, um…
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  • Kim Says:

    CrazyDomains charges $12 year for a, minimum 2 years

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